Inria NGE publications

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Stanford publications

  • Banda J.M., Callahan A., Winnenburg R., Strasberg H.R., Cami A., Reis B.Y., Vilar S., Hripcsak G., Dumontier M., Shah N.H.: Feasibility of Prioritizing Drug–Drug-Event Associations Found in Electronic Health RecordsDrug safety, 2015
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Common publications


  • Particpants in the Snowflake team have been awarded by the ANR (the French National Research Agency), in the 2015 generic call that will found the PractiKPharma project. The scope of PractiKPharma is complementary with Snowflake, enabling the initiation of many novel interactions.
  • G. Personeni (Inria NGE) obtained the Visiting Student Researcher Fellowship from the France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies for 2015-16. He visited Stanford University Nov. 2015-Feb. 2016.
  • Y. Low (Stanford) and A. Coulet (Inria NGE) won the Best Application Prize at the 2014 NCBO Hackathon